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Our Services – Measure

Just because you can measure it doesn’t mean you should.

Brand Navigator helps clients extract maximum value from market intelligence by helping them measure only what needs to be measured in the most timely, efficient and economical way.  Our measurement services include:

Harnessing latent data

In many cases, critical marketing decisions can be supported by simply harnessing latent data that exists within many marketing businesses. Brand Navigator can help clients maximise the value of:

Transactional data

Customer segmentation based on known profiles and behaviour

Social media monitoring

On-line behaviour through web analytics

Filling critical market intelligence gaps

In cases where critical market intelligence is missing, Brand Navigator can help clients scope, design and implement:

Qualitative and quantitative market research

Market Research Online Communities

Analysis of industry data

Competitor intelligence gathering and analysis

Develop a deeper understanding of the market

Sometimes marketing decisions require a deeper understanding of the market across a multitude of data points. Through our advanced statistical analysis and modelling capability, we can work market intelligence data harder in order to answer complex questions or support difficult decisions.

Client Outcomes

Focussed, streamlined and efficient research solutions that are connected to business outcomes

An integrated 360-degree view of brand performance

Clear ROI measurement and analysis

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