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Our Services – Decide

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.”

- Napolean Bonaparte

The value of any market intelligence is ultimately determined by the extent to which it supports better decisions.  An unbiased decision-making process will reveal poor analysis of market intelligence. The reverse, however, is not true; superb analysis of market intelligence is useless unless the decision process gives it a fair hearing. Successful brands are, therefore, the result of the combination of superb analysis of market intelligence and good, unbiased decision processes.

Brand Navigator provides services that effectively and efficiently integrate the analysis of market intelligence, without bias, into decisions about brands.

Implementing Decision Systems

Dashboards and data visualisation tools

Automated plug & play reporting

Market Intelligence knowledge management platforms

Facilitating Decision-making

Planning workshops

Development of strategic brand and marketing plans

Alignment of internal resources and capabilities to market opportunities

Client Outcomes

Stronger brands through better decisions

Faster decision-making

Greater confidence in setting direction

Preservation of knowledge and learning

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