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Services Overview

Brand Navigator helps clients who want to extract more value from market intelligence:


Extracting greater value from marketing intelligence begins with the end in mind.  Brand Navigator clarifies what decisions are to be made, who will make them, how they will be made and what market intelligence is best used to support them.


Often marketing decisions can be supported through better utilising data that is already available within a business. Brand Navigator harnesses latent data and connects it to decisions.  In cases where critical market intelligence is missing, Brand Navigator can assist with the design and implementation of market research, collation of industry data, syndicated data services, social media and web-site metrics or gathering of competitive intelligence.


The value of market intelligence is ultimately realised through the decisions that it informs.  Whether through the implementation of decision support systems that ensure the right people get the right information at the right time, or by facilitating decisions through strategic marketing planning, Brand Navigator can help marketers build successful brands.