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Brand Navigator Origins

Brand Navigator was established by Dean Harris and Cecile Thornley.

A few years ago, we saw the world of consumers, brands, and business changing more rapidly than at any time in our 20-year careers as marketing and research consultants. While these changes have created exciting opportunities for marketers to engage customers in new and meaningful ways around brands, they have also increased the complexity of the marketing and business environment.

Today, we see that marketers are faced with some common business challenges. Challenges that traditional advisors to marketers; advertising agencies, media agencies, market research consultancies and brand strategy agencies, are failing to help meet:

Data overload

The digitisation of marketing over the last decade has led to more data being available than ever before.  Today, getting numbers on anything is easy, but making sense of it and using it to make better decisions is hard.


Without clarity in regard to what really drives brand performance, efforts across a marketing organisation, it’s agencies and suppliers are often fragmented. Marketers need everyone to be on the same page with respect to measuring performance.

Do more with less

Cost-down pressures are a fact of life in business. Doing more with less places a greater emphasis on marketing efficiency, but so much time and effort still seems to be wasted in getting hold of the information marketers really need.

Real time marketing

Everything is faster.  Marketers no longer have the luxury of long lead times for strategic planning.  In order to respond in real time to emerging opportunities and potential threats, marketers today require real-time marketing intelligence.

Demonstrate ROI

For over 20 years, discussions about the need to demonstrate ROI on marketing investments has been on the lips of senior executives.  With improved measurability of how consumers engage with media, the message and the brand, for marketers, demonstrating ROI is mandatory.

Brand Navigator is a new breed of marketing consultancy, established to assist marketers meet these challenges, maximise the value of marketing intelligence and make better decisions in an increasingly complex business environment.