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Meet the Navigators

Our business model is based on a networked partnership of specialist consultants with an impressive track record and depth of expertise.  We build our teams around the needs of the client, matching the expertise in the community to the challenge at hand.

Dean Harris – Director and Founder

I’m a marketing consultant who, over the last twenty years, has worked successfully with businesses and organisations to help them make better, evidence-based decisions.

I love helping marketers use market intelligence to make better decisions, build stronger brands and demonstrate the financial value of focussed and efficient marketing efforts.

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Cecile Thornley – Director

Developing strategy and facilitating decisions are, to me, like an enthralling game of chess.  I combine my passion for numbers and interest in people to create market intelligence that drives marketing strategy and successful business outcomes.

Over the last 20 years I have too often seen resources being wasted on data that does not drive decisions or outcomes – I’d like to see that change.

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Matt Crellin

I’m a business intelligence and planning consultant with over 15 years experience in helping businesses grow. My love of navigation extends to sailing, which, like business, requires planning, preparation, good information, flawless execution and agility.  Read more

Eric Brat

I’m a motor-cycle racing enthusiast who also happens to be a statistician with a special interest in consumer behaviour modelling (CHOICE modelling), pricing research and new product development.  I love numbers almost as much as the windy bits on a racetrack. Read more

Tiina Raikko

I’m a market research professional with 20+ years experience in providing evidence-based advice to marketers across a range of industries. Having worked at a senior level within a multinational FMCG enterprise in both insights and marketing, I have direct experience in activating market insight to drive planning & brand performance.  Read more

Victoria Hodgson

I’m a hard-core statistician with over 10 years specialising in Advanced Quantitative Methods.  I’ve a strong interest in econometric modelling and segmentation and love tackling business problems though clever applications of data analysis. Read more

Emily Fitton

I am an experienced Website and Software Developer specialising in PHP, Javascript and Content Management System (CMS) Integration. I love working with complex data structures and building user-friendly solutions that help marketers and business decision makers maximise the value of the data from their sales, marketing and CRM systems.  Read more

Mark Poolman

I’m a career market research consultant who, over the last 15 years has learnt a great deal about the smart application of research to business decisions.  I love to help clients join the dots between market research and other forms of market intelligence when making strategic decisions. Read more

Peter Nguy

I’m a data analytics specialist with 13+ years in market research and expertise in data management and automated reporting systems across a range of software platforms. My passion lies in automating reporting systems to deliver dashboards which are not only visually appealing, but also accurate and cost efficient.  Read more

Rachel Way

I am a passionate business strategist with over 15 years of working with some of the word’s best companies. I have expertise in competitor intelligence, war gaming, brand and portfolio strategy, coupled with a love of facilitation and executive level decision-support. I am experienced in working across multiple geographies, nationalities and cultures. Read more

Will Axten

I’m an experienced market research consultant who loves to use new and innovative qualitative research techniques to deliver actionable insights to clients. I harness my experience in filmmaking and multimedia production to push the boundaries of qualitative research and create rich deliverables that allow business to fully understand their customers.
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